Premier is run by a team of Washington University in St. Louis (WashU) and St. Louis University (SLU) students to bring together St. Louis area college students 18 and up.

Our goal is to have a unified nightlife experience in order to enrich the traditional going out experience and to include a diverse group of people in our social spheres.

We have a team of campus ambassadors that help us market and share the events we host. If you are interested in learning more and joining the team, please email team@premierstl.club.

Often times male and female friends of ours expressed their discomfort with being in the basement of a house and would rather be in a more open environment with more people. We discovered, the majority of the time, that male students who were not members would not gain entry to these greek life parties, and that women would often feel like they are just being invited in order to increase gender ratios. Premier events serve as a place where students of all genders and backgrounds can come together for a night to have fun and take a break from school. 

It is a huge incentive to have a mix of college students at our events because students want to go to clubs and venues that will let 18, 19 and 20 year olds join people 21+ because students want to go out with peers, who fall within a similar age range.

The events that Premier puts on also serve as a great way for school clubs, sports teams, greek life organizations, etc. to get together before the main event and then go out together and to be able to have bought tickets and have a guaranteed spot rather than hope they will get in at another venue or not get into a frat party with their group of friends.

Our guests include students of the following colleges: WashU, SLU, UMSL, Webster, Maryville, Lindenwood, FBU, MBU, HSSU, & more.

Giving Back

We've Supported: 

Premier loves to donate to organizations and charities that support missions close to our hearts and the hearts of our attendees/family. We donate after every single event and while tickets are being sold.


Feel free to reach out to us to coordinate a fundraising day where we donate a % of ticket sales to your non-profit or message us with a charity and why it means something to you and we'd be happy to donate to it after an event.